About Me

Photo of Dr. Phil Stamos

Phil Stamos is a 2008 Summa Cum Laude graduate of the Midwest College of Oriental Medicine and acupuncturist with more than a decade of service experience in the greater Milwaukee area.


During his 10 years in practice Phil has enthusiastically sought out the profession’s best ideas and brightest teachers in the areas of acupuncture orthopedics, sports medicine, sports neurology, medical acupuncture, advanced Pulse Diagnostics, and Chinese Herbalism.  He has completed advanced trainings in both Eastern and Western approaches to musculoskeletal anatomy, and treatment methods including trigger point therapy, and advanced electro-acupuncture techniques. Pain reduction and restoration of mobility are always top priority in the early stages of treatment, with the ultimate goal of helping each patient achieve optimal health and movement.  In addition to providing all of the general benefits of acupuncture and Chinese Medicine, Phil’s approach is well suited for both athletes wishing to perform better, and for anyone just looking to get out of pain.


Phil has used Chinese Medical practices to solve numerous personal health challenges, so he has “been through the fire, and will walk right along through it with you,” so to speak.  The goal is always to meet each patient where they are at and work on establishing helpful ideas and practices to carry them through their current challenges and beyond. Phil continues to extensively study and use nutrition and Chinese Medicine on a personal level for general health, performance improvement, and injury recovery in his martial arts background as a Deputy Black Belt in Hapkido, and student of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.