Several thousand years ago the ancient Chinese discovered that they had a problem. With only a very limited knowledge of the details of human physiology that we take for granted today, early physicians had to devise a means of helping people overcome the many threats to good health that they encountered on a daily basis under very harsh and unforgiving conditions. They discovered that they were able to solve this problem through the practice of acupuncture.

While the specific details about the exact origins and practice of acupuncture predate historical record, the earliest documented references available go back about 2,500 years. While there are many medical practices that date back to ancient times that have fallen out of use hundreds of years ago as methods have advanced, acupuncture has endured.  Why is this? Simply, because it works. Over at least 2,500 years the Chinese physicians have gathered information, tested methods, discarded or revised outdated or ineffective approaches, and continually refined the system. This process is ongoing, and the result is an adaptable, customizable, and minimally invasive method of harnessing the powerful natural healing capacity that the body employs every day of our lives, and directing it in ways that can help it overcome ailments that it may otherwise be struggling with.

To boil it down, acupuncture helps the body to adapt to the challenges it has faced and the residual effects on the health that those challenges may have left behind. Those with long-standing pain issues can find relief, and many chronic challenges to health that may have been a struggle to overcome can be improved or resolved. Essentially, acupuncture can help to stimulate and coordinate your body to achieve the healing that it may have been attempting for quite some time.

The simple presence of the needles in correctly strategized locations is enough to gently “retrain” the body and stimulate many existing healing processes, so there is no medication on the needles and no substances are introduced into the body at all. In fact, this is perhaps one of the best things about acupuncture: it is an entirely drug-free and minimally invasive therapy, so there is no need to worry about side effects and no risk or complications with existing medications. The body, correctly coordinated, does the healing all on its own.