Nutrition is an important complement to Chinese herbal medicine and acupuncture, as it is to all healing, regardless of the system or modalities that it employs. When proper nutrition is in place, all other healing can happen much more easily, and conversely, if there are important gaps in one’s nutrition, the body will always struggle to make progress no matter what interventions are applied.

The most important element to proper nutrition is, hands down, a good whole foods diet. The body has evolved to use food as its primary source of both fuel and vital nutrients. I believe one of the most important aspects of facilitating long term results and improved outcomes is helping people establish a balanced, convenient, health-promoting approach to eating that is evidence-based and without gimmicks. Additionally, in some cases it is necessary to make small modifications to food plans to help with the elimination of symptoms or to deal with specific conditions. It is always my hope to get people to develop a health-conducive approach to FOOD – you have to several times every day, and there doesn’t seem to be any sign that that will change anytime soon, so if we can get you eating the best foods to promote health good health, and limiting the ones that do not, your health and everything you do will always be all the better for it.

Many issues will improve once the daily diet is improved, but for those that do not, or to promote a quicker healing response for specific issues, whole food supplements can yield fantastic results. Holding true to the idea that the human body has evolved to utilize food as the primary currency of every bodily function, whole food supplements are just what they sound like: the are made literally from Whole Food Sources. By ensuring that they body has an ample supply of the nutrients essential to support optimal function, the body can thrive.