Acupuncture is a time-tested technique of stimulating and directing the body’s innate capacity to heal itself.  The hair-fine needles are strategically placed at points on the body to help it better adapt to the stresses that cause the body to experience pain and functional deficits that can affect our health.  By stimulating the release of natural pain relieving and anti-inflammatory substances produced by our bodies, and gradually retraining and resetting the brain’s ability to optimally regulate the body’s functions, acupuncture can help to both overcome immediate symptoms in the short term, and help to preserve good healthy function over time.

The benefits of acupuncture are being increasingly recognized by medical research and the public alike as a safe, minimally invasive, and drug-free option to control pain and significantly increase quality of life.  Because acupuncture works by stimulating functions already existing in the body, there are no side-effects to be concerned about and none of the long term “costs” to the body that may often be associated with drugs or surgery.

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Chinese Herbalism is a powerful, but gentle means to affect changes to the body’s functions.  Because Chinese Herbalism seeks to nourish and coordinate the body’s functions toward an optimal state, in addition to resolving more immediate symptoms, it can promote sustainable long term improvements in health that can keep symptoms away and also work to prevent issues in the future.  Due to the holistic focus of Chinese Herbalism, many times solutions can be found to complex problems that have otherwise resisted treatment through more conventional means.

In addition to more convenient preparations, at Align Acupuncture we also offer custom formulations to address more complex and intricate problems that require much more unique and specific solutions.  Formulations can be designed to address your unique combination of symptoms and physical attributes to achieve the best possible results.

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Whole food nutrition powers and nourishes all aspects of the body’s activities.  While nutritional supplementation has become quite popular these days as a means to support the body, not all nutritional supplements are created equally.  Many common supplements can be helpful to ensure levels of nutrients that are more optimal for better healing, but there is an undeniable truth to the fact that our bodies have evolved to get nutrients from food.  Additionally, many recent studies have found supplements made from isolated and purified nutrients to be ineffective, and in some cases even harmful.  For these reasons, at Align Acupuncture the focus is almost exclusively on supplements made only from whole foods.

When the body is under various types of stress, the demand for specific nutrients can elevate significantly as the body attempts to heal.  Targeted whole food supplements can deliver these nutrients in a concentrated, focused, complex, and most importantly, nutritionally complete form to ensure the best possible conditions for recovery.

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